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On March 25th, 2020, a militant attack on Gurduara Guru Harirai Sahib in the Shorbazar district of Kabul sparked a renewed call to get the remaining Sikhs of Afghanistan to safety. Global concern for this vulnerable community and campaigns for relief and resettlement are at an all-time high, but due to decades of instability and isolation, channels for meaningful distribution are few and far between. The majority of migration out of Afghanistan occured in the 90s and to date, approximately less than 1% of the community remains. The renewed call in 2020 for Sikhs to leave Afghanistan comes in the wake of a call after a 2018 attack in Jalalabad. On July 1st 2018, a suicide bomb killed 19 people in an attack on Sikh and Hindu political representatives awaiting President Ashraf Ghani.

Seeing a gap between advocacy campaigns and channels for implementation, a coalition teamed together to collect and verify data, information, and offer guidance through recommendations. They are a group of concerned Sikhs who come from the Afghan Sikh and Afghan Hindu communities or have worked extensively with these populations. All information displayed goes through rigorous fact-checking with relevant parties.

Please visit saveafghansikhs.org and see their FAQ page for current updates on the situation.

You can also follow them on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook

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New Photos

Check out the images section for new album of photos from Afghanistan by Pritpal Singh.

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Below are pictures taken by Parmeet Singh of Khalsa Diwan Welfare Society – posted on July 10th 2007

Gurdwara Chishma Sahib, Gurdwara Jalalabad, Gurdwara Ghazni …


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here is the link  for the online magazine

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Online Community Forum

Here’s an online forum to discuss various topics related to Afghan Hindus and Sikhs


A forum on Afghan Hindus by other non-Hindu Afghans

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check out a new website in German

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map of Kandahar

Click here for the map.

You can see Hindu Chowk noted on the map.



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Old Guestbook

Click here to view our old guestbook.

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fresh new website

We are in process of remodeling the website. The old website can be viewed at http://www.afghanhindu.info.

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Khalsa Aid


CARE International

Doctors Without Borders

Help the Afghan Children

Women for Afghan Women
Polish Humanitarian Organization

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