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The plight of Hindus and Sikhs in Jalalabad – September 2000

RAWA report from Jalalabad
September 2000
Afghan Hindus and Sikhs have lived continuously in Jalalabad for many years. Previously there were 700 families, but now there are only 40-50.

At the beginning of Jahadi’s power, like the rest of our fellow countrymen, the Hindus were subject to robbery and other forms of harassment. As a result, most of them left their property and all their personal belongings behind and went to Pakistan and then to India. Before some could leave, they were killed.

According to eyewitness reports from Taimani and Karte Parwan of Kabul, others were victims of extreme violence perpetrated by Jehadi criminals when they took over. They attacked and raped the women. Boys and men were brutalized by being forcibly circumsized.

Hindu religious celebration like Veysak and the picnic of Gul Narenj (orange blossom), which are beautiful celebrations that were often attended even by Muslims, are now banned, so these celebrations must be conducted privately and in secret. In the past, they took their sacred book from their Daramsal and with special ceremony and celebration carried it to Sultanpour, Surkhroad. Now they are deprived of these celebrations.

The financial situation of the remaining Hindus is very bad. They face many dangers and frequently are robbed by the fundamentalists. Education is not available for their children-girls and women are under pressure and they can’t move freely. Few live near the Daramsal. When they are confronted by the Taliban police, they are subject to curses, verbal abuse, and physical abuse.

There are two Daramsal in the city of Jalalabad. Engineer Ghafar, a commander of Hezbe-Islami of Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, confiscated the estate of Perbajeh Singh (who was popular and respected among the Hindus). He was forced to leave the country and Engineer Ghafar claimed that they bought his estate.

Dandy Singh was one of the shopkeepers of the Daramsal and the Taliban confiscated his home. He ran away and now his house is occupied by a Taliban family.

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