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By Gopal Kukreja – July 1st 2002

A great and elderly member of Afghan Kandhari Biradri, Shree Dheraram ji Muthreja accomplished his life journey on Saturday, the 22nd June, 2002 in New Delhi, India and left for heavenly abode. As a concerned community member, I take this liberty to write a few words about this role-model Karma-Yogi personality.

Always dressed in traditional Afghan costumes with white turban, a smiling elderly and very soft-spoken person whom every community member respected in town (Kandhar), Kabul and India is no more among us. He was affectionately known as “BABAJI”.

During his life span, he was a very responsible Community Worker and provided very valuable services to the community at the cost of his time, efforts and finance. On the other hand, he was always warmly supportive and around not only for big Muthreja family, but for all the relatives and friends which includes fellow Muslims of Kandhar.

He was a very caring and loving person who pampered every child of the community on Vasant Panchmi day in Kandhar by giving money from his own pocket for years and years. His personal properties like Bagh (Farm-House) was all open for the community for picnics and fruit and gardener was instructed not to stop anybody from coming into the Bagh for enjoyment. How can we ever forget such generosity?

Although some of his children are unfortunately not blessed with a normal life, Babaji struggled his whole life like a Yogi to arrange everything for their comfort, protection and happiness. He never looked frustrated or exhausted in performing his duties for his family even for a single day. That is the reason, I call this holy soul as Karma-Yogi, as defined in Shree Bhagwad Gita.

He lived a complete life of about Hundred Years which itself is an evidence of a balanced lifestyle of food-intake, exercise and simplicity. It is amazing to know that he was physically active even one week before his demise.

On this occasion, we all can learn simplicity, love, balancing in fulfilling our duties towards our families and community from this unique personality.

I Salute this holy soul and pray to the Lord to grant Heavenly Abode to respected BABAJI. I am absolutely sure that Babaji, a well-behaved, polite and friendly person to all age groups will be remembered for years to come with great respect and dignity.


Humbly Presented by:

Gopal Kukreja S/O. Late Hon. Shree Master Shyamlal ji Kukreja.

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