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(MENAFN – Pajhwok Afghan News) WASHINGTON (Pajhwok):

Members of the minority Hindu and Sikh communities continue to be denied the rights granted to Muslims by Afghan courts, a US report alleged on Tuesday.


The minority communities claimed members continued to avoid settling disputes in courts due to fear of retaliation and instead went for mediation through community councils.

In its annual report on International Religious Freedom, the State Department said: “Representatives of minority religious groups reported a continued failure by the courts to grant non-Muslims the same rights as Muslims.”

However, a small number of Sikhs and Hindus continued to serve in government positions. Shia Muslims have some major government jobs.

Shia leaders complain the number of positions did not reflect their demographics. They also blamed the government neglected security in Shia-majority area.

According to the report, the Islamic State and the Taliban continued to kill members of minority religious communities because of their beliefs or their links to the government.

Daesh accuses the Shia Muslims of joining militias fighting against it in Syria and Iraq to justify its attacks. The terrorist outfit targeted security and military personnel worshipping in Shia mosques.

During the year, media reported at least 13 attacks on Shia places of worship or communities, resulting in more than 500 casualties.

The Taliban continued to kill or threaten Sunni clerics for preaching messages contrary to their interpretation of Islam. Taliban gunmen killed imams and other religious leaders.

Officials from the President’s Office and the Ministry of Hajj and Religious Affairs (MOHRA) estimated the killings of the religious officials in 2016 at more than 150.

Christian groups reported public opinion remained hostile towards converts, according to the report, which said Christians and Ahmadis worshipped privately to avoid societal discrimination and persecution.

Women of several different faiths reported continued harassment from local Muslim religious leaders over their attire. As a result, almost all women wore some form of head covering.

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