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Source:  International – The News

News of atrocities perpetrated on Muslims and stories of the butchering of women and children, added to rumours of the desecration of holy Muslim shrines in India, have enraged the religious leaders in Afghanistan to extreme limits. The alleged destruction of the tomb of Alf the Second, in Sirhind by the Sikhs has deeply hurt the sentiments of the Muslims and has already resulted in telegraphic enquiries from India and meetings, expressing indignation if nothing more, in Afghanistan. The Hazrat of Shor Bazaar, a powerful religious entity and a descendant of Hazrat Alf the Second, is believed to have obtained support from other leading Mullahs in Kabul, to a decision that revenge must be exacted from Hindus and Sikhs should the reports of destruction be authenticated, and the Government have been compelled to order extraordinary precautions to be taken to protect the minority communities.



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