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Welcome to the fourth history podcast by SikhArchive, today we are joined by Inderjeet Singh from Nottingham UK to discuss his new book, titled ‘Afghan Sikhs and Hindus, history of a thousand years’. 

Inderjeet Singh is an author of several articles on SikhNet on topics related to Sikh history and has now collected and concentrated his efforts more recently to compile a short introductory book in English on the historical timeline of Sikhs and Hindus in Afghanistan.
The book which was published in April this year was a really good read that was full of facts, tales, Janam Sakhis, and generally a great summary on the lives and heritage of the Afghani Sikh community. Chapters include, Guru Nanak and Sikhs in Afghanistan, Gurdwaras in Afghanistan and the Pathan Sikhs of Pakistan. These are just some of my favourite chapters in the book.
I reached out to Inderjeet Singh in May this year to conduct a podcast on his boo k to learn more about it and the reasons for why he undertook such a task and what motivated him. And  We had a great discussion which I am honoured to host and share with you all.

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17th August, 2014By Reet Virk

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Listen  to BBC’s interview with Dr. Fakirchand Chandihok

د افغان هندوانو او سکانو د حقونو فعالان وايي په دغه هېواد کې د دوی بنسټيز بشري حقونو ته پام نه کيږي.

د افغان هندوانو او سکانو د حقونو فعال او د بشري حقونو د دفاع نړېوالې ټولنې (Global Human Rights Defence) غړی فقیر چند چندیهوک وايي افغان هندوان او سکان ځينې وختونه اړ کيږي چې د خپل مړي د سوځولو لپاره د افغانستان نورو ولایتونو او ان پېښور ته ولېږدوي.

دی زیاتوي د دوی ماشومان اوس هم له زده کړې بې برخې دي. ښاغلی چندیهوک د بي بي سي پښتو وېبپاڼې سره په مرکه کې د افغان هندوانو پر ستونزو غږيږي.

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Master Ratan Chand Kandhari

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Afghanistan’s new elite is moving into Kandahar’s formerly wealthy neighborhoods. One such place, known as the Hindu neighborhood, was extensively damaged during air attacks. NPR’s Steve Inskeep reports on the rebuilding efforts.


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