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Mukesh is Prannath Ganimat’s son

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Source: The Quint World

In 2022, Louis Vuitton employed its first ever Afghan Sikh model to feature in one of its campaigns. Karanjee Gaba sported a bright pink suit and a black turban, and caused a social media frenzy.

The London-based model has had a successful career, having featured in Lewis MagazinePaper Magazine, and 10 Magazine among others.

Speaking about how he got into modelling, Gaba told GUAP:

“In my teenage years, I was always the tall one amongst my friends and family. I always loved being stylish and colour-coordinating my clothes. I used to do photography and at some point, I was teaching my friends how to shoot with me as the subject. Unknowingly, I had made my own portfolio, and that is when the journey of modelling began. I was approached on one of my social media accounts by a stylist who asked me to shoot for Lurve Magazine. Two weeks later, I walked in the Nicholas Daley show. Since then I haven’t looked back.”

He also said that modelling allows him to meet people from different ethnicities, culture and experiences, thus making it a fulfilling experience.

“It is a place where you can represent and tell your story through fashion. It is fun and exciting as it is always a brand new day in fashion. It is unexpected as you do not know who you will meet and who you will work with. Together you are creating art,” he said.

Speaking about the time he got a call from Louis Vuitton asking him to model for them, Gaba said that he was in “shock” and that he “couldn’t believe it.”

“I remember two months before, my friend was showing me the book of Tim Walker, the greatest photographers in fashion. Then, two months later I was grateful to be working with him on set and for Louis Vuitton. It felt like a dream, but it was real,” he told GUAP.

Sharing his thoughts on the future of the fashion industry, Gaba said that he would like to see more cultural representation in catwalks. “I have seen many shows and I see that it doesn’t consist of diversity like in campaigns and other sectors of fashion. It needs to have a change and we are all waiting for it.”

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A short story by Isher Das, an Afghan Hindu living in Germany read by Ashraf Frogh

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Video regarding history of Bibi Radho – Daughter of Narinjan Das Diwan – Finance Minister of Amanullah Khan

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Source: Digital Journal, Access Wire

Author, poet, speaker, and content creator Ruby Dhal is pleased to announce that she is writing her very first self-help book. Ruby Dhal is a British-Afghan Sikh speaker, performer, and best-selling author of five books with over 500,000 online readers. Dhal writes about love, heartbreak, moving on, letting go, healing, mental health, and other topics. She has written five books of poetry, prose, and bite-sized self-help, and she is now working on her sixth, her first self-help book.

Dhal’s writing and books are a major component and product of her unique journey. Her work is heavily impacted by her life experiences and is a representation of her personal healing process. Dhal moved to the UK with her parents and older brother when she was three years old, and she lost her mother within a year. Her father did his best to care for Dhal and her brother as she grew up. Because of her experiences, Dhal turned to books as a means of refuge from her tough circumstances, and she soon discovered a passion for reading and writing. As a result, she has wanted to write stories for people to read since she was a little girl.

Dhal’s previous books include the international best-sellers Between Us and Dear Self, in which the author offers “bitesize self-help.” Dhal will be delving deeper into the self-help genre with the announcement of her much-anticipated sixth book, sharing not only her story but also simple strategies for personal growth.

Today, Dhal shares raw and honest thoughts online with readers all around the world, often reflecting on her personal experiences, in the hope that those words can aid individuals on their healing journey. She goes a step further by providing easy-to-digest YouTube videos on comparable issues, as well as a monthly blog and email where she can dive in deep with her readers to truly address the difficult decisions in their lives. Furthermore, over the last five years, Dhal has built a safe space, an online community where people feel like they’re a part of something. A community where, if her readers feel alone, they can turn to this secure environment for the help and comfort they require. Although Dhal’s influence began modestly with her Instagram page, which she created as a personal desire to recover and cope better with traumatic events, it quickly grew into a forum for others to heal and cope better with their own.

Dhal’s goal is to reach out to those who are going through difficult times but aren’t finding intense self-help or self-improvement books helpful in understanding their feelings. She feels that by creating content, publishing it, and sharing it online, she will be able to provide her audience with accessible, practical, self-help content on some difficult issues. Dhal provides readers with insightful thoughts and actionable measures to take through her books, poems, and new website. Her upcoming self-help book will be the author’s first of its kind, and it is eagerly anticipated.

About Ruby Dhal: Ruby Dhal is a British-Afghan Sikh speaker, performer, and best-selling author of five books with over 500,000 online readers. Dhal has written and developed video content on a variety of topics like love, heartbreak, healing, moving on, letting go, mental health, bereavement, self-love, and so on. Her moving writing is a mirror of her personal experiences, and it has struck a chord with her readers and followers. She has launched a website and is now working on her sixth book, a much-anticipated self-help book.

CONTACT: To discover more about Ruby Dhal, her books and videos, or to arrange an interview for a story, please contact us.

Email: info@rubydhal.com

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Mukish Pran

Mukish Pran talks about his singing and memories of his father Prannath — a popular Afghan Hindu singer

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