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Hindu and Sikh residents in Nangarhar province on Tuesday called on government to address their problems.

Speaking at the second day of 318th Vesak festival Hindu and Sikh residents reiterated the need for proper education for their children and for government to stop powerful figures from usurping their land.

Celebrated with music and dance, Hindu’s and Sikhs hold the festival annually. Non-Hindu guests also participate.

“Vesak Day is a day of happiness for us; this is our Eid day. In this day, we visit others’ houses and greet them,” said Dr Armit Singh, a spokesman for Sikhs Union.

“We are very happy today. Our friends come here as we have invited them,” said a Sikh resident in Nangarhar.

Local officials who attended the event meanwhile said they will soon address their problems.

“The demands of our dear Hindu compatriots – especially in Nangarhar – will be addressed as we have directed relevant organizations,” said Nangarhar governor Salim Khan Kunduzi.



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A number of Hindu and Sikh residents in Nangarhar province on Monday marked the 318th Vesak festival – also known as Buddha Day.

Their festival of music and dance was also attended by other residents in the province.

Held in Surkhrod district, non-Hindu and non-Sikh residents in attendance said they were there in solidarity with them.

“You are in this country for a long time and you have obeyed every rule of Afghanistan so far,” said Ikram, a tribal elder in Nangarhar, who attended the event.

Another tribal elder, Barikzai, said: “All the tribes are with you [Hindus and Sikhs]. We are ready to do any kind of help with you. We have tried to keep safe this place which is for your worshiping.”

Hindus and Sikhs have lived in Afghanistan for generations but the various wars have forced many to leave the country and settle elsewhere.


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A number of Hindus and Sikhs in Jalalabad city, in Nangarhar province, claim that powerful figures have usurped their land.

They said this is the latest in a string of problems for them.

In addition to having their land grabbed, they said they are also struggling to ensure an education for their children.

“People grab our lands and there is no one to look after us and address our problems,” said one local Sikh resident.

“In the past there were many of us in the province but now our numbers have decreased and our problems have increased. Government does also not keep its promises to us,” said another Sikh.

Meanwhile Nangarhar provincial council has called on the respective institutions to provide these minority groups with decent living conditions in the province.

“No attention is paid to them but they are oppressed and government does not pay attention to them, nor consider them as Afghans but consider them as Hindus migrants – but they are Afghans. In the education sector separate schools are not built for their children so their children can learn and get access to higher education,” said Humaira Rafi a provincial council member.

Meanwhile, Nangarhar local officials said they are trying to address the problems experienced by the Hindus and Sikhs in the province.

“Currently we are also helping them and paying salaries for their teachers in their areas and providing them with books, and providing them security for their special ceremonies and also helping them with cash in order to hold their ceremonies properly and I think at any time efforts have been made to help and aid our Hindu and Sikh brothers,” said Attaullah Khogyani the governor’s spokesman.

Afghan Hindu and Sikhs argue that central government needs to address their problems.

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